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  1. Yes. New information that may strengthen your application (such as research publications) can be added to your application prior to the annual HDR scholarship round closing date. Date Updated: 14/05/2019
  2. 25% of the places available are offered to rural students. Date Updated: 07/05/2019
  3. You may be required to obtain ethics approval before undertaking your research. We take very seriously our responsibility to all those who participate in our research. If you are planning to... Date Updated: 13/05/2019
  4. Not all PhD graduates continue with an academic career anymore. Many Griffith graduates have established successful careers in their chosen fields across the private sector, government... Date Updated: 14/05/2019
  5. The  Student Disability and Accessibility  team offers a range of services to assist you to successfully undertake and complete your online studies. You can find range of support... Date Updated: 23/01/2020
  6. You must hold a visa that allows you to study in Australia to be eligible to apply for a single course of study . A Student visa (Subclass 500) is not suitable as it only allows full-time study. You... Date Updated: 16/01/2020
  7. Yes. Griffith University actively participates in social networking sites and it can be a good way for you and your friends to get information you may not find elsewhere. Better yet, you... Date Updated: 24/04/2019
  8. Yes, there are a growing number of sustainability programs and courses offered at Griffith. We also support sustainability through a number of research projects. For further information on programs... Date Updated: 28/02/2018
  9. Yes. You can study away from the University for a period of time for the purpose of conducting fieldwork, data gathering, or to attend a conference. You remain enrolled whilst studying away from the... Date Updated: 13/05/2019
  10. The Griffith English Language Institute (GELI) is Griffith University's official English language provider and delivers award-winning English language courses to international students. GELI courses... Date Updated: 10/12/2018
  11. You should enrol in the courses listed in your Program Structure if you do not consider that you have covered the content in your prior studies. When you know the credit you have been awarded, you... Date Updated: 05/11/2019
  12. If your sponsor pays Griffith University directly and you have a valid financial guarantee, Griffith University will send your sponsor an invoice for your fees for each trimester that you are... Date Updated: 06/11/2018
  13. Updated QTAC applicants seeking special consideration for educational disadvantage may apply under the Educational Access Scheme (EAS). When you complete your QTAC application online, you will be directed to... Date Updated: 18/06/2020
  14. University study is different from school and from what you've probably seen on TV. It's generally less structured and you'll spend fewer contact hours (i.e, time in lectures and tutorials) at... Date Updated: 24/04/2019
  15. We offer a huge amount of social activities/parties at Griffith. They range from themed costume nights at the Uni Bar, live entertainment and competitions, to markets and stalls. Visit our what's on... Date Updated: 22/05/2019
  16. Food outlets on campus offer a range of foods including healthy options, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. Halal options are also available in some outlets. Please ask the staff in the... Date Updated: 29/05/2019
  17. Please refer to the research study scholarships website for a list of HDR scholarships currently available. Date Updated: 14/05/2019