1. Trimester 1 (February to June): 15 October of the previous year Trimester 2 (July to October): 15 April of the same year Trimester 3 (October to February): 1 June of the same year Note: You must... Date Updated: 07/07/2020 03.36 PM
  2. If you lodge an HDR scholarship application without all of the required information, we will email you to let you know what is outstanding.   If you have not provided the information by the... Date Updated: 14/05/2019 08.48 AM
  3. Eligibility requirments vary for each scholarship and are outlined in your scholarship offer. The Scholarships office checks your eligibility for payment each semeseter, and may terminate or suspend... Date Updated: 22/01/2020 12.43 PM
  4. There are a range of courses available across different study areas during Trimester 3. There are however fewer courses available compared to Trimester 1 and Trimester 2. You can search the Degree... Date Updated: 07/07/2020 03.35 PM
  5. From 1 January 2017, all honours degrees will be titled in the format of Bachelor of X (Honours) and all programs will be marketed as Bachelor of X (Honours). The award abbreviation for an Honours... Date Updated: 14/09/2016 03.33 PM
  6. Yes. New information that may strengthen your application (such as research publications) can be added to your application prior to the annual HDR scholarship round closing date. Date Updated: 14/05/2019 08.47 AM
  7. You can commence in any trimester subject to the availability of suitable courses. If you are a Study Abroad student You can enrol in up to three trimesters in a 12 month period. If you are an... Date Updated: 07/07/2020 03.31 PM
  8. You will receive an email notification from the Acclaim Platform ( with instructions for claiming your badge and setting up your account. See Griffith... Date Updated: 20/10/2020 11.22 AM
  9. Griffith University will accept direct applications from any Griffith College domestic student who does not have a packaged offer into an articulated program at Griffith. Your Study Adviser at... Date Updated: 12/01/2021 09.34 AM