1. Uni-Reach+ is program for students from equity backgrounds to start their transition into university smoothly. See Uni-Reach+    for details. Date Updated: 24/01/2020 08.23 AM
  2. You can reapply in the next annual scholarship round. See key dates for details.    Please note from 3 October 2017, applicants may only apply a maximum of two times in a five-year period... Date Updated: 23/01/2019 08.16 AM
  3. Yes. The public can register for an account (free) to use while on campus. Go to the Griffith Public Wi-Fi website ( ) for further details. Note... Date Updated: 17/11/2020 02.43 PM
  4. The answer depends on the scholarship. Several of the major scholarships do allow payment when you are on international exchange. It is best to contact the Undergraduate Scholarships and Prizes... Date Updated: 22/01/2020 12.51 PM
  5. This is located at Academic Calendar under the Midwifery Calendar heading. Date Updated: 01/07/2020 02.55 PM
  6. Yes. Griffith University actively participates in social networking sites and it can be a good way for you and your friends to get information you may not find elsewhere. Better yet, you... Date Updated: 24/04/2019 12.08 PM
  7. You will need to complete the Change Academic Plan or Instrument form (QCGU students only) and lodge it in person or online, following the instructions on the application form.   For further... Date Updated: 27/08/2019 10.01 AM
  8. Yes. The Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School may, at any time, terminate a candidate's candidature. Reasons for seeking to terminate candidature include: failure to make satisfactory progress in... Date Updated: 09/12/2020 01.28 PM
  9. Yes. You may apply to transfer your candidature at any time via the Transfer Between Elements service request in myGriffith > My program > My Candidate Centre. Prior to applying, you should... Date Updated: 09/12/2020 01.50 PM
  10. Yes. All trimester intakes are available to Study Abroad students subject to the availability of courses. Date Updated: 07/07/2020 03.29 PM
  11. Research candidates are expected to undertake their program in accordance with accepted standards of academic conduct. Early in the research program, candidates should discuss good research practice... Date Updated: 14/05/2019 08.32 AM
  12. You may be eligible depending on the program at Griffith you enrol in. Once you have been admitted to a Griffith degree and received your 'Starting@Griffith' email, you can apply for credit by... Date Updated: 31/03/2020 04.32 PM
  13. You can contact the National Home Doctor Service — call 137 425. They provide home visits after-hours and on weekends. If you are a Medicare or Allianz OSHC holder, you will be bulk-billed. Date Updated: 08/01/2020 03.25 PM
  14. To ensure your application is processes as quickly as possible you need to: contact potential supervisors and obtain confirmation of their agreement to supervise your proposed research topic before... Date Updated: 08/12/2020 02.49 PM
  15. If you're an international candidate, you will need to meet any outstanding conditions of the offer and pay the overseas student health cover (OSHC) gap fee by the specified date on your offer letter... Date Updated: 09/12/2020 02.01 PM
  16. Yes. You need to accept or decline your scholarship offer by the nominated date. You also need to submit the acceptance and return any relevant documentation and/or forms, even if you are accepting... Date Updated: 22/01/2020 12.51 PM
  17. No. The Intention to Submit form must be completed because your principal supervisor is required to confirm: you have compelted your studies your written and/or studio research will be submitted by... Date Updated: 09/12/2020 01.57 PM
  18. There are many benefits to going on exchange. You can: - experience a new culture - develop your career - grow more confident and independent - create an international network of friends - learn a... Date Updated: 07/07/2020 01.49 PM
  19. Besides allowing you to push the frontiers of your field through new and exciting research, higher degree by research (HDR) programs like the PhD are globally recognised qualifications that can... Date Updated: 08/12/2020 02.46 PM
  20. Yes. In order for your application to be considered for an HDR scholarship, you must be able to provide evidence of meeting the University’s English language proficiency (ELP) requirements. You can... Date Updated: 09/12/2020 02.31 PM