1. Most degree progams allow you to undertake a short-term program or trimester exchange program overseas. You can find more information at Go Global . Date Updated: 24/03/2021 02.42 PM
  2. All names put on Griffith digital badges are taken from information within the University’s student system. In the event of an error, please email Date Updated: 15/04/2019 01.39 PM
  3. Yes. You need to accept or decline your scholarship offer by the nominated date. You also need to submit the acceptance and return any relevant documentation and/or forms, even if you are accepting... Date Updated: 22/01/2020 12.51 PM
  4. Yes. There are plenty of ramps and lifts that give wheelchair access to most of the University. See also:  What disabilities services are offered? Date Updated: 24/04/2019 11.44 AM
  5. The University's expectation is that you will complete your higher degree by research (HDR) candidature in a timely manner. Restrictions apply to the amount of paid employment you can undertake... Date Updated: 09/12/2020 12.55 PM
  6. Yes. If you receive a notice of intention to terminate candidature, you will be offered the opportunity to respond. After considering this response, the Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School (GGRS)... Date Updated: 09/12/2020 01.29 PM
  7. Not all activities at Griffith have a digital badge attached to them. If an activity does not have a digital badge, then a digital badge cannot be issued for it. Achievements for an activity that has... Date Updated: 20/10/2020 11.46 AM
  8. Yes. The public can register for an account (free) to use while on campus. Go to the Griffith Public Wi-Fi website ( ) for further details. Note... Date Updated: 18/05/2021 04.25 PM
  9. Under the Higher Degree Research Policy , if you were admitted to candidature from January 2011, you are required to complete an early candidature milestone. Requirements may include: a written... Date Updated: 09/12/2020 12.36 PM
  10. If you have existing formal qualifications, you may be eligible to receive credit for previous study. Find out if you are eligible for credit . If you are, you can apply for credit in your... Date Updated: 08/07/2020 12.56 PM
  11. We offer a huge amount of social activities/parties at Griffith. They range from themed costume nights at the Uni Bar, live entertainment and competitions, to markets and stalls. Visit our what's on... Date Updated: 22/05/2019 02.02 PM
  12. No. As a continuing student you are not eligible for the Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship. However you may be eligible for a range of other Griffith Scholarships. Please visit Scholarships for further... Date Updated: 22/01/2020 12.51 PM
  13. Visit the EcoCentre website . Date Updated: 24/04/2019 11.40 AM
  14. All Griffith badges to current students are issued using their student email addresses. When setting up your account, please ensure that you set up your student email address as one of your email... Date Updated: 15/04/2019 01.37 PM
  15. No, the badge is a digitally verifiable version of your achievement. Once you follow the instructions to accept your badge, you can go to the ‘Share badges’ section of your account and download or... Date Updated: 20/10/2020 11.47 AM
  16. Yes. From 2021, all enrolled students are liable to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). You will need to pay your SSAF in full by the census date, or you may defer your SSAF payment... Date Updated: 19/08/2021 04.33 PM
  17. Griffith University is taking the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously and is concerned for all members of our University community. Please see Griffith University: Coronavirus for the most... Date Updated: 07/06/2021 03.37 PM
  18. This is located at Academic Calendar under the Midwifery Calendar heading. Date Updated: 01/07/2020 02.55 PM
  19. To be eligible to complete an internship as a component of your program, you must be confirmed in your candidature, all milestones should be up to date, and you should be progressing well in your... Date Updated: 08/12/2020 03.10 PM
  20. This is located at Academic Calendar under the Queensland Conservatorium Calendar heading. Date Updated: 01/07/2020 02.56 PM