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  1. Meals are provided daily depending on which Homestay option you have chosen. See  Homestay fees and charges  for information on the options available. Date Updated: 22/05/2019 03.01 PM
  2. Email or visit Homestay for further contact details. Date Updated: 15/10/2019 02.00 PM
  3. Homestay is an accommodation option for international students, allowing them to live with an Australian family, improve their language skills and meet new people.   See ... Date Updated: 22/05/2019 03.13 PM
  4. Visit the Homestay website for information on fees and how to apply. Date Updated: 22/05/2019 03.18 PM
  5. You can expect a fully furnished private room with bed, lamp, desk and wardrobe. You may be very lucky and have your own bathroom facilities, but generally in Australia, you can expect to share the... Date Updated: 22/05/2019 02.30 PM
  6. You can  register for a Homestay and find further information on the Homestay website . Date Updated: 22/05/2019 02.21 PM
  7. Yes, airport transfers are available for Brisbane and Gold Coast airports. This service is not free for all students and you may be required to pay a fee. Please visit airport reception for details... Date Updated: 22/05/2019 02.18 PM
  8. See the accommodation  website to search for on-campus, off-campus and Homestay options. Date Updated: 14/10/2020 01.46 PM
  9. Visit the accommodation  website for links to homestay, off-campus and on-campus accommodation. Date Updated: 22/05/2019 02.09 PM
  10. Visit the off-campus and homestay accommodation website for information on the costs of renting accommodation in Queensland. Date Updated: 22/05/2019 02.29 PM