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  1. No. The Intention to Submit form must be completed because your principal supervisor is required to confirm: you have completed your studies your written and/or studio research will be submitted... Date Updated: 19/08/2021
  2. Yes. A non-refundable audition fee is charged for every audition  and interview in a different area (instrument/vocal/composition) that you apply for.  The charges are as follows: $50(AUD)... Date Updated: 09/09/2020
  3. For incoming Study Abroad and Exchange students, the minimum study load is 30 credit points per trimester, with no compulsory trimesters. If you hold a student visa, you can only study online... Date Updated: 05/07/2021
  4. Uni-Reach+ is program for students from equity backgrounds to start their transition into university smoothly. See Uni-Reach+    for details. Date Updated: 24/01/2020
  5. Research candidates are expected to undertake their program in accordance with accepted standards of academic conduct. Early in the research program, candidates should discuss good research practice... Date Updated: 14/05/2019
  6. If you are not successful in obtaining an offer to study the program that most interests you, there are a number of ways to improve your chances. The options will depend on such factors as... Date Updated: 31/05/2021
  7. Trimester 1 (February to June): 15 October of the previous year Trimester 2 (July to October): 15 April of the same year Trimester 3 (October to February): 1 June of the same year Note: You must... Date Updated: 05/07/2021
  8. Griffith University has approximately 150 exchange partner universities in over 40 countries. Check the Exchange Partner University Database for further details. Date Updated: 24/03/2021
  9. No. All applications for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Griffith University, regardless of the teaching location, are included in the same GEMSAS online application.   When you apply, you can... Date Updated: 07/05/2019
  10. Visit the off-campus accommodation website to find types and cost of accommodation in the Brisbane area. Date Updated: 30/05/2019
  11. Yes. Each campus has different shops. Visit the shops website to see the retail services on each campus. Date Updated: 21/05/2019