When will I have an outcome of my online credit application?

Updated 09/06/2022 02.39 PM

If you submitted your online credit application by the last working day in January, May or September preceding the commencement of any trimester in which the granting of credit may affect the your study program, you should receive an outcome before the commencement of week 1 of each trimester. An credit application will not be accepted for a course(s) a student is enrolled in if the census date has already passed.

Credit application can be submitted at any time. It is advisable to have your credit determined before the start of the trimester, as it may affect your course selection. Please lodge your application by the important dates set out on credit transfers.

You can track your applications status by using the application link emailed to your student email, or:

  1. go to Existing applications
  2. expand the 'Submitted applications' section
  3. click ‘Track and update’ button next to the application you wish to view.

If you have any concerns or questions about your credit application, please email us via Ask a Question online form, or phone Student Connect.

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