Can I change my preferences with QTAC or UAC?

Yes. But don’t leave changing your preferences to the last minute. Please refer to QTAC or UAC for their key dates.

Make sure you have your QTAC or UAC application number and Personal Identification Number.

Check QTAC or UAC’s ‘course vacancies’ list to ensure your preferred program/s are still open for application and take care to check that the new program is offered in the current trimester. Also ensure the program/s you add don’t have early closing dates or prerequisites you cannot meet.

UAC does not charge for changing your preferences. However QTAC will charge a fee for the any changes you make after your 3rd change.

If your OP/ATAR or admissions rank is not as high as you expected, you may need to think about alternative pathways to further study. Please contact the Future Students Centre or International Admissions team for further assistance.

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