I am an international student. I wish to defer my offer into a degree program. What should I do?

If you have been made an offer into a degree program and have not yet commenced study with Griffith University, you may apply to defer the start of your program.

Deferral may not be available in programs where admission is based on special selection criteria.You should check the Degree and career finder website to see if there are any special selection criteria for your program:

  1. Search for your degree program
  2. Click the 'International students' tab
  3. Click 'How to apply'
  4. Click 'What is the application process?'

If deferral is available for your program and so that we can consider your deferral request, please email the Admissions Officer who issued your existing offer letter with the following details:

  • your Griffith ID
  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • the trimester and year that you would like to commence
  • the reasons why you would like to defer your commencement
  • your current location: onshore in Australia or in your home country

Your Admissions Officer may request additional information to finalise your request.

If one of our registered education agents assisted you with your admissions process, you can also request that your agent submits your deferral to the University.

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