I have completed TAFE studies since leaving school. How will my application be assessed?

If you have successfully completed studies at TAFE, these qualifications will be assessed in addition to your high school studies.

With the exception of Certificate I and Certificate II-level studies, all other Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications will be awarded a selection rank based on the qualification successfully completed. If you have completed a graded qualification, your GPA will also be taken into account. You may also need to meet English language proficiency and any prerequisites required for your program.

  • AQF Certificate I and Certificate II programs do not attract a selection rank nor meet any Griffith prerequisite/s.
  • AQF Certificate III and Certificate IV programs are awarded a selection rank, however, do not meet any of Griffith's prerequisite/s.
  • Successfully completed Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs are awarded a selections rank and meet Griffith's English prerequisite.

See Griffith College, TAFE and VET for more details.


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