I am studying year 12 in Australia. How do I apply to come to Griffith University?

You are considered a current year 12 applicant if:

  • you are completing year 12 in Queensland this year, including OP ineligible students
  • you are an interstate year 12 student this year
  • you are completing the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia this year
  • you are an international student completing year 12 in Australia this year
  • you are repeating year 12 in Australia this year

You can lodge one application only in any one admissions period.

  • Lodge an application via QTAC Twelve to Tertiary (TTT) online application service; or
  • Applicants seeking admission to Griffith’s Gold Coast campus have the option of applying via UAC year 12 apply by web service

For further information, please visit Future students.

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