What is my fee status?

Your fee status can be viewed via myGriffith (Tip: Ensure you are viewing the correct trimester). The Fee Status page will also indicate whether you have submitted your Tax File Number (TFN). To view your fee status:

  1. Login to myGriffith.
  2. Select 'My courses' from the menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Select 'View my fee status' under the 'I want to ...' heading.
  4. Ensure the trimester shown at the top of the page is correct (you can change trimesters by selecting the 'Change trimester' link).

Your fee status is indicated by a three-digit number and a brief description. For example, 201 CommSup HECS-HELP (TFN submitted).

You can find out what each code means at Student Fees Status Codes (PDF 26K)

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