What is the Academic Calendar and where can I find it?

The Academic Calendar of the University comprises trimesters referred to as Trimester 1, Trimester 2 and Trimester 3. The end of a trimester is designated by the last day of the examination period, not including the supplementary/deferred examination period. The trimester dates include important dates for students such as orientation, teaching, study, examination weeks, and application closing dates, dates for enrolment and withdrawal from courses. Between each trimester there is a student vacation period.

You can find the Trimester Academic Calendar and all non-standard Academic Calendars ;via Academic calendar and key dates.

Non-Standard Academic Calendars include:

  • Medicine students
  • Dentistry students
  • Midwifery students
  • Nursing sutdents
  • Six week teaching periods

Key dates are also available for:

  • Open Universities Australia students
  • Study applications
  • Enrolment and timetabling
  • Paying your fees
  • End of trimester exams
  • Graduation

To view previous year's academic calendars please email us via Ask a question and include which year you wish to view. Digital campus

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