What is a single course of study program?

Updated 18/03/2019 09.00 AM

A single course of study allows you to attend the university, sit alongside the undergraduate or postgraduate students, and undertake the same course workload and assessment tasks, without committing to the full degree program.

Single course study is an excellent pathway study program that will allow you to:

  • pursue a range of professional or personal interests
  • develop your skills and knowledge in a specialist area
  • meet accreditation requirements for registration with a professional body (Griffith does not assess qualifications for accreditation or registration purposes. Assessment of your current qualifications and eligibility must be undertaken by the related professional body)
  • contribute to your vocational and personal development
  • take the first step to applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate program.

Degree and Career Finder provides a full list of all the courses that Griffith offers. Once you have found the course you would like to study, you can complete and submit a 'Single course of study application form' found on single course of study.

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