How do I apply for an internal transfer?

The process is different for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Undergraduate students
Yes, you can apply to transfer between undergraduate programs. To be eligible for an internal transfer at Griffith, you must:

  • not be excluded from a Griffith program
  • satisfy the entry requirement (where applicable) listed in Degree and Career Finder
  • places need to be available in the program.


  • To transfer to another program, complete an online Application for internal transfer
  • Lodge your application as early as possible to allow you application to be processed prior to the commencement of the next trimester
  • Visit Internal transfer for full details on the application process, closing dates, eligibility, exceptions, assessment and notification of outcome.


If you applied direct and you have not started studying your program, please email the Admissions Officer who issued your existing offer letter and include the following information:

- your Griffith ID (s number)
- your full name
- your date of birth
- the trimester and year you would like to start studying
- the reason you'd like to defer
- your current location: onshore in Australia or in your home country.

If you applied via an agent, they should email your Admissions Officer on your behalf. Ensure they provide the above details.

If you have completed 10 Credit Points (CP) or more of your program, you should complete an online application for internal transfer.

Postgraduate students
You are able to apply for other programs within your nested suite. The nested suites are identified in Programs and Courses as 'Related Courses' i.e. Master of Finance.


  • Check the details of eligibility criteria of your new preference at Degree and Career Finder
  • Click the ‘Apply Now’ button on the Degree profile page to submit your application.


*International sponsored students: you will need to obtain permission from your sponsor to change your program before applying for a transfer into a new program.

See also: How will I find out if my request for an internal transfer has been approved?

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