I am an international student. Do I need health cover?

Updated 31/10/2022 03.46 PM

Yes. It is a condition of your student visa that you maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your student visa.

For your convenience, Griffith University automatically arranges your visa length OSHC at an additional cost to your tuition fees.

The cost of your visa length OSHC is shown in your Letter of Offer and is included in your Total Deposit Fee.
Once your Total Deposit Fee is received, Griffith University will arrange your OSHC with Allianz Care Australia, our preferred OSHC provider, approximately 8 weeks prior to your commencement date.
Allianz Care Austraila will then email you a welcome pack so that you are able to deal with them direct.

You may arrange your own visa length OSHC if you do not want Griffith University to arrange it for you.

If you to choose to arrange your own OSHC, you need to:

1. Provide a copy of your alternate OSHC policy with your Letter of Offer acceptance and
2. Indicate on your acceptance that you do not require Griffith to arrange OSHC on your behalf.

Note: If you do not do both of these steps, your OSHC will automatically be arranged by Griffith.

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