What is a part-time study load?

Updated 24/02/2022 12.12 PM

You are enrolled in a part-time study load when you enrol in courses totalling less than 75% of a standard full-time load (See What is a full-time study load?). For most programs, a course enrolment load of less than 30 credit points per trimester will be a part-time study load.

For those programs that have a 'non-standard' full-time academic load, the number of credit points in a part-time study load will vary.

Most students are not required to study in all three trimesters. If you are a domestic student, Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 will be compulsory with Trimester 3 optional (unless otherwise specified). However, you are still required to undertake minimum study loads to ensure you meet Centrelink or Department of Home Affairs requirements.

If you are an international student, compulsory trimesters will be determined based upon the commencement trimester. Please see I am an international student. How will trimesters affect my student visa requirements?

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