Do I need to meet any English language proficiency (ELP) requirements before applying for a higher degree by research (HDR) scholarship?

Updated 09/12/2020 02.31 PM

Yes. In order for your application to be considered for an HDR scholarship, you must be able to provide evidence of meeting the University’s English language proficiency (ELP) requirements. You can check the English language requirements for your HDR program on the degree and career finder.

If you do not provide ELP evidence, you will not be considered for a scholarship. Your scholarship application will be withdrawn and will count as one of your two scholarship application attempts in five years.

Please note: you may apply for admission only without providing evidence of meeting ELP. If you meet admission requirements, you will be issued an admission offer that is subject to meeting ELP prior to enrolment. You may like to explore the English pathway options offered by Griffith University at this time.

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