I am an international student. Where can I get financial help?

Updated 10/10/2022 04.28 PM

International Student Advisors offer personal support, advice and information to international students.

If you are worried about your ability to pay your fees on time, you must meet with an International Student Advisor.
You can make an appointment with an International Student Advisor via the online booking system.
If you do not have a current Griffith University login, you can request an appointment via the 'Ask a question' button above. Type in your request then select 'International'then 'International Student Advisor' as the 'Topic'.
Visit Student Support for Financial Support and information regarding loans, bursaries and budgeting advice.
Griffith University offers a range of scholarships which international students can apply for. You can ask a question about your scholarship by sending a message using the 'Ask a Question' button above. Select 'International' then 'Scholarships and financial aid' as your 'Topic'.

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