I've been accepted into a GC2018 Games Internship. When should I enrol in the Games Intern course?

You cannot enrol into the Games Internship course until you have been offered, and accept, a GC2018 Games Internship. You will receive an email to your Griffith student email account to confirm the enrolment process and dates, as this will vary depending on the dates of your internship.

For the purposes of enrolment in the Games Internship course, the following applies:

  • Period 6 (P6): enrolment aligns with Trimester 3, 2017 (internship dates: 16 October 2017 to 2 February 2018)
  • Period 7 (P7): enrolment aligns with Trimester 1, 2018 (internship dates: 22 January 2018 to 27 April 2018)
  • Please Note: Not all internship periods align with the University’s trimesters which means you may be undertaking the Internship outside the Trimester weeks shown in the Academic Calendar.

See also: When and how can I apply for a GC2018 Games Internship (40CP)?

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