Can I apply for readmission?

Updated 25/05/2021 08.02 AM

Yes, you can apply.

Former student (without a previous exclusion):

If you are a former Griffith student and have not been excluded from Griffith or any other university; you can apply for readmission into your current program or another program.

You need to:

  • Complete the applicable sections of the Request for Readmission form found on Readmission
  • Submit the request to

When completing the readmission form please take note of the following:

  1. Save the document as a PDF (do not complete the form in the web browser)
  2. Open the PDF and complete all required fields, save and close the document
  3. Open the PDF again to check that it has saved correctly and that the fields are not blank
  4. Submit the document as a PDF file only (not as a JPEG or other image file). 

Former student (previously excluded):

Please see: Can I apply for readmission after exclusion?

International students:

You should follow the same process. Griffith International will assess your application for readmission and if approved, a new CoE will be sent to you after we have received:

  • your payment for your visa length Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), or
  • proof of alternative OSHC cover.

Closing dates for applications:

The closing dates for readmission change dependent on the trimester and your readmission type. Application closing dates are listed at Readmission.

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