Will I need to complete any assessment as part of my GC2018 Games Intership (40CP)?

Yes. To pass the course and receive the 40CP credit for your GC2018 Games Intership (40CP) placement you will need to complete assigned coursework. The coursework component is designed to allow you to examine a range of topics related to professional practice associated with your degree program.

You will be guided by an assigned Games Internship Course Academic Advisor who will meet with you onsite at your internship location. Your Advisor will provide you with support on assessment requirements. Please note: The assessable course component will require (on average, per week of your 12 week internship) around 6.5 hours per week. In the two weeks following your internship (week 13 and 14) it is expected that you will spend around 30 hours completing final assessments.

Please contact the Course Convenor if you have further questions about assessment requirements.

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