How will I know if my application for a GC2018 Games Internship (40CP) has been successful?

Applications for the GC2018 Games Internships (40CP) will be assessed after the closing date of the role you have applied for.

A check will be made to ensure you are able to complete the internship within your program. We will contact you by email to your student email account if further information or action is required.

Internship Period 6 (P6)

If your application is not successful, you will receive an email to your Griffith University email account.

Internship Period 7 (P7)

If your application is successful you will receive an invitation to attend a Selection Centre Session between Monday 11 September and Friday 15 September. Please note:

  • These sessions are not flexible; you will need to attend your allocated session or risk missing out on this opportunity.
  • If your application is unsuccessful for P7 you will be notified by GOLDOC who are conducting the selection process. We anticipate that unsuccessful candidates will be notified during October. GOLDOC has advised they will not be able to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants given the high volume of applications. We anticipate this will be completed during October however this may vary.

Please ensure you check your Griffith student email account regularly.

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