Where do I find course profiles and when are they published?

Updated 14/06/2021 03.50 PM

You can find course profiles via myGriffith:

  1. Login to myGriffith.
  2. Select 'My Program' from the main menu.
  3. Click the 'View course profile' link under the relevant enrolled course to open the document.
To locate a course profile published within the last ten years:
  1. Go to course profile/outline search.
  2. Enter the course code in the search box.
  3. Select the required trimester/semester.
  4. Click the 'Find profiles/outlines' button.

Please be aware that over time some Schools have changed names, amalgamated with other Schools or have been disbanded. If the course profile you are looking for is not available in the search tool, please email us via Ask a Question.

When are course profiles published?

Course profiles are updated by the course convenor each trimester the course is offered. They are normally available four weeks prior to the commencement of trimester. If the course profile you are looking for is not available after this time, please contact your course convenor for advice.

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