I am an international student. Does GELI offer a Direct Entry Program (DEP) pathway?

Updated 12/07/2021 02.14 PM

Yes. The Griffith English Language Institute (GELI) offer a Direct Entry Program (DEP) pathway for students to commence a degree in Trimester 1, Trimester 2 or Trimester 3, provided DEP is an accepted pathway for your chosen degree.

When you have successfully completed DEP, you can enter your Griffith University degree or Griffith College diploma without needing to submit a proficiency test result.

Even if your chosen degree does not accept GELI's DEP pathway, you may still decide to study GELI's English program to improve your proficiency skills and better prepare for taking an English proficiency test (such as IELTS).

You can check course dates on the GELI website.

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