I am an international student. Can I study less than 40 credit points (CP) this trimester?

Exceptions to studying the minimum study load may be allowed if you:

  • need fewer than 40 CP to complete your program in your final trimester
  • have been granted credit and your study plans advise a lower load
  • are unable to meet the minimum requirements due to course availability limitations or specific program requirements
  • are considered to be academically at risk of failing and have approved study plans that advise a lower load
  • are ahead of your program requirements.

Griffith University will monitor your workload to ensure you complete your program within the duration specified on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and do not exceed the allowable portion of online or distance learning.

You will only be able to extend the expected duration of your study in exceptional circumstances. Therefore, to ensure you are able to complete your studies in the required time, you must speak to an International Student Advisor and gain approval before undertaking a reduced load.

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