How do I obtain a transcript for my exchange studies?

Updated 27/07/2022 03.27 PM

Outbound students (Griffith students going to study overseas)
If you completed your exchange studies overseas, your host university should send your official transcript to the Griffith Global Mobility office.
It is recommended that you check with your host university before you leave to confirm that they will do so.
Once received, Global Mobility will contact you to arrange for you to collect your transcript and provide you with information on how to complete your credit transfer.

You should contact Global Mobility via the 'Ask a question' button above if you have not received your official transcript within two months of your return to Griffith University.

Inbound students (coming to study at Griffith University)
If you completed the Griffith Exchange Program you will be sent a link to access your digital transcript via My eQuals after grades have been released. Once you have accessed My eQuals you will be able to send your transcript to your home institution.You will not receive the link to access My eQuals if any grade is unfinalised or if you owe fees to Griffith University.
You can check the Grades webpage for information on when your grades will be available. Please check your grades and/or fees via myGriffith.

Transcripts for Inbound students
Griffith University issues all transcripts digitally via the My eQuals platform. It is your responsibility to access your transcript and share the document with your home university.
All transcripts issued from My eQuals contain cryptographic digital signatures to ensure their authenticity and integrity.
These signatures are automatically verified by opening them in Adobe Reader version 9 or later.
In Adobe Reader, the person accessing the document will see a “blue ribbon” digital signature at the top of the document that indicates its validity.
You cannot upload or modify documents in My eQuals. You can only view and share.
Partner universities can be assured the transcript is authentic.

You will be notified via your Griffith email inbox that your transcript is available, within one week of the grade release date, with instructions on how to share this with your home university. 
If you wish to receive a paper copy of the transcript, please complete this online form.

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