What is English (4SA)?

Senior students in Queensland study Authority subjects which are used to calculate their OP (Overall Position). Each completed semester of a subject gives a student one unit of credit; studying a subject for four semesters gives four units. Completing a subject over four semesters with a Satisfactory Achievement (SA) means a student has (4SA) for that subject.

English (4SA) means you must study the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority's (QCAA) English subject (or equivalent) over the four semesters of Year 11 and 12, and attain an overall final result of 'Sound Achievement' or better.

The subject must be the English (Authority subject). English Communication (Authority-registered subject) does not meet the English subject prerequisite for our bachelor degree programs.

If you didn't study English to Year 12 or didn't pass it, you may be able to meet this requirement in other ways.

For further information regarding what subjects satisfy the English subject prerequiste at Griffith, contact the Future Students Team.

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