What can I purchase through GriffithPAY?

You can pay for a variety of Griffith products and services on GriffithPAY. Some of the products and services include:

  • Student access and swipe cards
  • Replacement student ID cards
  • Accommodation and airport transfers
  • Film, art and photographic supplies and services
  • Griffith Health products and services
  • Library services
  • Official Letters
  • Conferences and Events

To see a full list of the Products and Services avaiable for purchase through GriffithPAY:

  1. Open GriffithPAY
  2. Click on 'Products and Services'
  3. Select a category that your product or service is available from
  4. Click on the Product or Service for full information

For instructions on how to pay Student Fees and Charges see: How can I pay my fees?

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