What is a 'Financial Guarantee Letter'?

Updated 06/10/2021 01.33 PM

A 'Financial Guarantee Letter' is an official declaration from your sponsor, on their letterhead, that they will sponsor you for study at Griffith University. The financial guarantee letter must include:

  • sponsoring organisation's name and contact details
  • your name
  • university name (i.e. Griffith University)
  • your program name and Major (e.g. English language courses, Foundation, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, Professional doctorate, PhD)
  • details of the sponsorship (i.e. commencing and finishing dates of the sponsorship, tuition fees, overseas student health cover single/family)
  • invoicing contact (name, position, address).

The financial guarantee letter must be signed and dated by an appropriately authorised representative of your sponsor.

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