I am an undergraduate student. What do the AQF changes mean for me?

All universities in Australia are required to have their programs AQF compliant. At Griffith University we have used the process to ensure that we continue to deliver high quality programs that are relevant to our students. All Griffith University programs with 2015 commencing intakes deliver the appropriate learning outcomes as stated by the AQF. You can access the learning outcomes for your program on the Programs and courses website:

  1. Go to Programs and courses
  2. Enter your program code in the search box and click 'Search'
  3. Choose 'Overview and fees'
  4. Under Why choose this Program? you will see the following text:

Program Learning Outcomes communicate to the community the value of the Griffith educational experience as benchmarked against national qualification standards.

Program Learning Outcomes for this award describe the knowledge, skills and the application of knowledge and skills you will acquire through studying the Griffith program of your choice.

You can find more information about the AQF at Australian Qualifications Framework.

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