I am an international student. How do I make an appointment to see an International Student Advisor?

Updated 06/10/2021 01.32 PM

You can book an appointment to see an International Student Advisor online.

Please note all appointments with International Student Advisors are currently via phone or video consultation.

To book your appointment
Your appointment will be lodged against a time and an International Student Advisor will contact you as close to that time as possible.
Phone number: Please provide the best phone number for our International Student Advisor to call you on for your consultation.
If you are outside of Australia, please be sure to provide the full direct-dial country and area codes.

To book an appointment online click on the 'Appointments button' and then the 'Schedule an appointment' button.
The appointment provides up to 30 minutes to discuss your studies at Griffith University and life in Australia, offering advice and information for your success, plus guidance to navigate challenges and support options. Appointments are set by Australian Eastern Standard Times (AEST); if the time difference is too difficult to manage, send us an email via the 'Ask a question' button above. Type in your request then select 'International' then 'International Student Advisor' as the 'Topic'. 

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