How do I apply for FEE-HELP?

Updated 08/02/2021 11.47 AM

You need to submit your application for FEE-HELP and your Tax File Number (TFN) by the census date.

To apply for FEE-HELP:

  1. Login to myGriffith.
  2. Select 'Finances' from the main menu.
  3. From the 'Fee Status' section select 'Apply for HELP loan'.
  4. Ensure the trimester shown at the top of the page is correct (you can change trimesters by selecting the 'Change trimester' link).
  5. Check your fee status, as you must be an eligible Domestic Fee-Paying student to apply for FEE-HELP.
  6. Select the Apply for FEE-HELP button*.
  7. Complete the Request for FEE-HELP form (eCAF).
  8. Provide your Tax File Number (TFN)**
  9. Provide your Unique Student Identifier (USI)

*You must have completed the pre-enrolment questionnaire in order to apply for FEE-HELP. 

** If you have not yet received your TFN, you can obtain a 'Certificate of Application for a TFN' from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) , or an Australia Post TFN application summary with the matching barcoded receipt, and submit it to Student Connect by the census date.

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