How do I apply for credit towards my OUA degree?

Updated 09/06/2022 03.02 PM

You need to check the OUA degree registration site before submitting your application, to ensure you are eligible to apply for credit.

An online credit application can be submitted by eligible students. Credit applications an be submitted at any time. Students must submit their request no later than the last working day in January, May or September preceding the trimester in which the granting credit could affect their study program.

An application for credit will not be accepted for a course(s) a student is enrolled in, if the census date has already passed.

Credit transfer provides you with detailed information on:

  • links to Credit Precedent Database
  • how to apply
  • important dates
  • what to expect after credit is awarded.

If you have any further questions, please email us via Ask a Question.

Visit: ‘Where do I find the outcome of my online credit application?

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