I have accepted my offer of a research scholarship, what happens next?

If you're an international candidate, you will need to meet any outstanding conditions of the offer and pay the overseas student health cover (OSHC) gap fee by the specified date on your offer letter to receive their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Once you have your CoE, the visa application process can begin. After you receive your visa notice, you will need to provide a copy of it, along with your flight details, to hdr-scholarship@griffith.edu.au. You will then receive access to myOrientation prior to your intake date. If you're a domestic candidate, you will also need to meet any outstanding conditions of the offer and will receive access to myOrientation within two weeks of their intake date. This will help you set up your myGriffith access and provide important introductory information. If you are enrolled in a program with coursework components, you will then need to enrol in the relevant courses for the trimester. Candidates receiving a stipend scholarship should receive their first payment in the first full pay cycle from their intake date, subject to submission of a completed stipend form prior to the date specified in the letter of offer.

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