How long do I have to complete my higher degree by research program?

The typical program length for a doctoral degree is three to four years (240-320CP) and one to two years (80-160CP) for a masters degree (research). These durations are separate from the periods for which a HDR scholarship might be held, the time for which a candidate is funded under the Commonwealth Government's Research Training Program, or the maximum time for completing a program as detailed in the Student Administration Policy, although some of the time frames are similar.

As HDR programs are time-based, the program length determines the minimum and maximum dates for submitting the thesis, which is calculated from the date of commencement. An exception to the time-based date for thesis submission applies to candidates who are enrolled in certain doctoral or masters (research) programs that contain a coursework component. Some of these programs may specify the due date for thesis submission in accordance with the trimester of enrolment for the final dissertation course, as per the program requirements published on Programs and Courses.

Candidates can also view their minimum and maximum HDR program dates via myGriffith > My research.
You can find further detailed information at Duration of candidature.

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