What is the OP/ATAR that I will need to get into medicine at Griffith?

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Griffith University is a Postgraduate Extended Masters (AQF level 9) program. As a graduate entry program, all applicants are to have completed or be in the final year of completing an undergraduate degree before they are eligible to apply.

If you are a school leaver you could consider seeking admission into our Medical Science (MD provisional entry for school leavers) at either our Nathan or Gold Coast campus. This is a highly competitive program and details of entry requirements including OP/ATAR for the previous year can be found at the links provided above.

Alternatively, because we accept and encourage graduates from all disciplines, you could apply for and complete any degree program. Upon completion of your degree you would be required to sit the  GAMSAT and apply for entry to the MD program via GEMSAS.

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