Could I be regarded as independent by Centrelink (for Youth Allowance) if I move away from home?

Moving away from home does not necessarily mean that you are regarded as independent by Centrelink. Your eligibility for the Independent Rate will depend on your meeting any of the eligibility criteria.

At the moment, you are regarded as independent if you are 22 years old. If you have not reached the independent age yet, your claim may be subject to a parental means test unless you are able to meet independence through another criteria (eg self support, relationship etc).

Visit the Centrelink website for further details of the Independence criteria. In some cases, you may be considered independent if you are particularly disadvantaged or you have other exceptional circumstances. For further information, please contact Centrelink on 132 490.

If you want to explore whether you are eligible, you may also make an appointment to see a welfare and student liaison officer on your campus.

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